Paper published in Emerging Investigators 2020 Issue of Polymer Chemistry

Recent advances in RAFT polymerization of monomers derived from renewable resources

Abstract: The design and preparation of sustainable materials has received considerable interest in recent years due to growing environmental concerns and diminishing crude oil reserves. In this Minireview, the polymerization of renewable monomers by reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization is discussed. Specifically, small molecules extracted from biomass and their conversion to polymerizable vinyl monomers is examined. Applications of these renewable RAFT polymers are also highlighted and the future outlook for this area of research is considered.

Indo-UK Workshop

In December 2019, Fiona attended the Indo-UK workshop on Green Chemistry for Societal Needs: Healthcare, Pollution and Circular Economies in New Delhi, India. The workshop, jointly organised by the University of York and the University of Delhi, aimed to bring together early career researchers from the UK and India in the field of green and sustainable chemistry.

The workshop was an excellent opportunity to network, understand challenges related to Green Chemistry in different research areas, with break out groups discussing and working on key challenges.

ECCo Meeting 2019

Fiona co-organised the 2nd Annual Early Career Colloid (ECCo) Meeting 2019, held at Loughborough University on 16th – 17th September, with the Early Career Colloid committee.

Looking forward to next years meeting!

Early Career Colloid Meeting 2019, Loughborough University

ECCo Meeting 2018

Fiona was an organiser for the inaugural Early Career Colloid (ECCo) Meeting 2018, held at the University of Sheffield on 17-18 September, with the Early Career Colloid committee.

This 2-day meeting was held with the aim to join newly appointed academics and industrialists, research fellows and postdocs.

Early Career Colloid Meeting 2018, University of Sheffield